Sunday, April 01, 2007

Systema Naturae


April 14 - May 7, 2007
Opening Reception Saturday April 14
7pm - 11pm

Free Admission
Free Refreshments
Music provided by DJ CYRANO

This exhibition will display four remarkable artists creating work visually and thematically to the ideas of Nature. Using “systems of nature” as a creative platform, they compose a body of work that explores our surroundings, behaviors, and mythologies and results in a beautiful and peaceful group of artwork creating a system that is imposed by the use of nature and or ideas of nature...


Andrea Offermann
Andrea Offermann, known for her beautifully intricate illustrations, has approached her new works as a system of distinct and obscure maps. She has reduced the amount of information to offer a syntax unique to a developmental project. It creates a scientifically logical yet theological response to the ideas inherent found in nature.

Jamie Zollars

Jamie Zollars draws her inspiration from fairy tales and Flemish painters. She has created narratives to explore new thoughts and ideas of natural curiosities. Referencing a scientific approach, Zollars plays with the idea of unnatural progression of our surroundings. This new work is about the beauty and wonder of a vast natural world, and the human tendency to try to control this world.

Frieda Gossett
Frieda Gossett studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and graduated in 2004 with a BFA. She is known for her beautifully crafted leather works creating a peculiar relationship with animals and surroundings. She has shown in various galleries throughout Los Angeles.

Michael V. Brown
Michael Brown speaks about hierarchies in class and how maintaining this status through manipulation becomes an illusion of greater power. He emphasizes the desire for greater privelege within each human being and what it is to exist. Brown looks at the similarities of humans and the specific rules and laws that go beyond self appointed ones. He creates images through the use of animal interactions and manipulations to investigate our own intellectual capacity.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ancient Book Of Myth And War

4 Pixar artists/friends have come together to compile a book of illustrations based on epic legends and mythologies of the past.


March 24 - April 8 , 2007
Opening Reception March 24
7pm - 11pm

Free Admission
Free Refreshments
All the artists will be here the night of the show and the day after.

With complimenting graphic and narrative styles, 4 Pixar artists/friends have come together to compile a book of illustrations based on epic legends and mythologies of the past. This beautifully illustrated book is both humorous and educational. Each artists previous work has been used for the development of various animated films such as the Incredibles, Iron Giant, and Power Puff Girls just to name a few. Nucleus will be having a release party for the book in conjunction to the gallery show with an opening reception/book signing and an artist workshop the day after. We will have brand new originals, prints, and of course fresh copies of the book available.


Scott Morse

Since 1993, Scott Morse has walked a tightrope between the worlds of comics and animation. Morse began his career under mentor Maurice Noble while working for Chuck Jones, and has since provided designs, color, storyboards, and art direction for studios including universal, Hanna Barbera, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar. Morse has garnered critical acclaim and accolades as the author of over ten graphic novels and comics collections, including Soulwind, Visitations, Volcanic Revolver, Magic Pickle, The Barefoot Serpent, Southpaw, and Noble Boy. Morse lives with his family in California.

Lou Romano

Lou Romano was born in San Diego, CA in 1972. He took an interest in Drawing at an early age and studied theater arts, performing in plays throughout junior high and high school. After graduating in 1990 he studied animation at the CAlifornia Institue of the Arts. Since then he has worked as an illustrator and designer on various projects including the Powerpuff Girls and The Iron Giant. He was also the Production Designer of Brad Bird's the Incredibles for Pixar Animation Studios. He lives in Berkeley, CA.

Don Shank

Don Shank was born in 1968 and has always loved drawing cartoons and filmmaking. At the age of 8 he had an epiphany while watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon that you could make a job of doing both at once. He attended the animation program at the california Institue of the Arts. he went on to work at a variety of Studios on many projects including Ren and Stimpy, Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack. He has done development work for feature animation including The Incredibles. Don was also the production desinger of Power Puff Girls for season 2 throiugh . Don has earned an Annie and 2 Emmy awards for his work in

animation. He currently works at Pixar Animation Studios and lives in Oakland, CA with his wife.

Nate Wragg

Nate Wragg was born in the small town of Davis, CA in 1983. It was at a very young age that he began to enjoy drawing and creating art. As he was growing up, one of his favorite things to do was to skecth from his favorite comics and animated cartoons. Enrolling in art classes in Junior high and High school, he continued to develop his love for art and animation. After graduating high school in 2001, he moved down to LA to study character animation at Cal Arts.After three years of school he earned a summer internship at the James Baxter animation studio in Pasadena, where he studied animation under James Baxter for a few months. Since then he has moved Back up to Northern California to work Pixar as a sketch artist on their upcoming film Ratatouille. As well as teaming up with other Pixar artists on the anthology comic book Afterworks 2

Ricky Nierva

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Artist Series Tote Debut!

Gallery Nucleus has collaborated with the Outfit to create a collection of artist series tote bags with new and original artwork.

Get Your Own Bag, Bitch!

March 17 (7pm - 11pm)

Free Admission
Free Refreshments
Music provided by DJ GRUSES

Gallery Nucleus has collaborated with the Outfit to create a collection of artist series tote bags with new and original artwork. This show is a rare one time event with appearances from the artists during the night of the release. Artwork from the artists will also be on display in the gallery.

Be sure to arrive early for the free give aways and great deals below:

  • First 20 people will recieve a goodie bag packed with gift cards, buttons and lots more
  • First 20 people will also get a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a free tote bag and other items! (Raffle tickets will also be sold for $1 each)
  • When you purchase a new artist series bag, get 10% off any store items you can place in that bag. Excluding prints and already reduced items.

  • All non-artist series, and ALG bags from the Outfit will be discounted to $17.95 for the night of the show

So come all you fashion afficionados and trendsetters to see the new line of artist tote bags at Gallery Nucleus. Fit for all children and adults, its a night of great deals.

Complimentary drinks as usual as well as other free give aways with proof of the Get Your Own Bag, Bitch! show flyer


Josh Cochran
Mark Allen Miller

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After These Messages...a tribute to Saturday Mornings of the past

After These Messages...
(a tribute to Saturday Mornings of the past)

February 10, 2007 - March 6, 2007
Opening: Saturday, February 10 , 2007
7pm - 11pm

Free Admission
Refreshments and breakfast cereals will be served
Several artists will be in attendance

After These Messages is still available for view at the gallery during normal store hours.

Gallery Nucleus has joined forces with some of current animators and set out to reconnect with the cartoon culture from the yesteryears creating an exhibition based on Saturday mornings of the past. Exhibiting in the gallery will be over 20 artists from today’s commercial and animation industries. Being a generation largely influenced by television these artists attempt to revisit, reinvent, and pay homage to their favorite animated icons as adults with child like fervor and contemporary and personal aesthetic. By exploring the inspirations of their past they reflect upon their artistic identities of today creating interesting parody like results that are humorous, sentimental and sincere. Ranging in style the show is a colorful pop culture treat with a live DJ and breakfast cereals served. Works on display will be paintings, prints, sculptures, and installation.


Aaron Jasinski
Abby Goldsmith
Alayna Magnan
Alex Kirwan
Amy Kim Ganter
Anna Chambers
Ben Jones
Bob Doucette
Brent Whittington
Brian Behnke
Brianne Drouhard
Chantel Gentry
Chu-Hui Song
CJ Metzger
Cristina Paulos
Dan Santat
Daniel Chong
Elizabeth Ito
Greg Storey
Hugo Morales
Irenio Maramba
Israel Sanchez
Jamie Tracht
Jay Baker
Jeaux Janovsky
Joe Capezzuto
John T. Quinn
Josie Trinidad
Julie Nishioka
Kendra Boggs
Liz Mckay
Mary J. Hoffman
Megan Brain
Mari Inukai
Martin Hsu
Miss Mindy

Nicolette Davenport
Ramis Kim
Robert Douchette
Sergio Rios
Tara Whitaker
Thorsten Haenkamm
Valerie Fletcher
Vincent Odien
Will Mata

co-curated by Mary J. Hoffman

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Gallery Nucleus
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Monday, January 01, 2007

digmeout Group Show

Dig Me Out Group Show

January 13, 2007 - February 3, 2007

Opening reception: January 13 , 2006
Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Free Admission
Music provided by iHOT TWAT! & luv-tek

Starting January 13, 2007 Nucleus will be featuring new and originals works by 14 internationally commendable artists located around Osaka, Japan. Represented by the artists agency “digmeout”, Their works are intricately alive and evocative.

Often rich with fine detail, sensitivity and vivid colors, the work ranges from fine art, fashion, to luscious Japanese pop. All of it intrinsically enticing, and “eyewatering”, attributes which we have come to expect from contemporary Japanese art. DigMeOut has selected some of the freshest talents to represent their group in Osaka and provided us with nothing less to create one of the more alluring exhibitions to hit the LA/Hollywood artscene.


They have participated in various international charity events along with creating illustrations for Nissan, Mac Power, Elle Japon, banks and various types of graphical motifs. Dig Me Out is an art project lead by Osaka's radio station "FM802." It's purpose is to "dig out" new and promising artists to design stickers, and posters. Beginning in 2004, digmeout started collaborations and art shows overseas, making digmeout internationally known. Many digmeout artists are now enjoying this coverage. Come visit Nucleus as we host this memorable event.

Featured Artist
Chitose Yogi
Kazuko Taniguchi
Mari Kubota
Takeshi Nitta
Kazuya Taoka
Hajime Yoshio
Yugo Fujita
Siori Kawamoto
Tomoko Saeki
Teriyaki Tagashira

Gallery Nucleus
30 West Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
Driving Directions

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Imaginary Spaces: An artshow for landscape lovers!

Imaginary Spaces

December 16, 2006 - January 8, 2006
Opening reception: December16, 2006 (7pm -11pm)

This event caters to the people who have taken an interest to background artists, concept artists, graphic designers, architects, painters and world makers. The focus is environments and space. We hope to bring new appreciation and exposure to the concept art/background/space development fields. This is an art form that has been often seen as commercial work, only a means to an end, or the back drop for main characters. People often only see the final products: movies, cartoons, video games, theme parks, and entire neighborhoods.

This show encompasses and calls out to those who have a passion for creativeness and imagination, who want to feel pulled in to a piece of work once viewed. The overall aesthetics and size of the work being exhibited will be 2 – 4ft in size depending on the gallery’s hanging limitations. We want the viewers to get sucked into each piece, and live in that space and interact for a moment however brief. The challenge to the Artist is to create work with little to no emphasis on individual characters, leaving the space as the focus. The style of work ranges widely from cartoon like, to architectural. Just remember, its from the head and is inspired from life. Now its time for you to get sucked in, join Nucleus on December 16, 2006 at 7:00 P.M for the Imaginary Spaces Show.

Featured Artists include:

Ari Bilow
Aaron Limonick
Bob Elson
Brian Yam
Cam de Leon
Chris Appelhans
Chris Turnham
Christian Alzmann
Christian Scheurer
Colinhive Lee
Craig Mullins
Darren Quach
Edwin Ushiro
Eric Canete
Israel Sanchez
Jon Han
John Wu
Khang Le
Kris. D
Mike Lee
Robert Kondo
Ronald Kurniawan
Scott Saw

Gallery Nucleus
30 west Main St.
Alhambra Ca 91801

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nov 4: 3 Trees And 3 Flowers

3 Trees and 3 Flowers

November 4 - December 6
Opening reception: November 4, 2006 (7pm - 11pm)

Book Signing: 5:00pm- 7:00pm

One year after its debut, the artists from the 3 Trees Show (Ronnie Del Carmen, Enrico Casarosa, and Tadahiro Uesugi) returns to Nucleus bringing with them 3 amazing friends/artists (Yoko Tanji, Icco Sasai, and Wakako Katayama) for a second exhibition of paintings and drawings.

Stemming from mutual admiration for each others work, viewers can observe the collaborative spirit between these talented friends. Each of these artists’ styles are individually unique and compliment each other in an effortless manner.

New and original work will be available for collectors who are seeking fresh works from the international artists circuit. Yet the work exceeds cultural boundaries in its attempt to illustrate various visions of life with a sense of elegance, and keen classical skill. With strikingly simple compositions, their work is often filled with texture and moods that play with various degrees of whimsical lyricism, reflecting ideal and surreal scenes with sophisticated and unapologetic playfulness.

The 3 “flowers” will be occupying half the gallery with the remaining 3 veteran artists exhibiting in the other half. Along with this event both trios will be releasing and signing 2 new publications. The first, "3 Trees Make A Forest" is based on last years show and contains past and new works by Tadahiro, Enrico, and Ronnie Del Carmen.

The second, is a self published book by Yoko Tanji, Icco Sasai and Wakako with a collection of their recent work. All the artists will be in attendance to meet and greet and will only be in LA for 2 days They will only so be sure to note the dates.

Ronnie Del. Carmen and Tadahiro Uesugi Bio’s:

Ronnie Del. Carmen:
Belongs to a secret society of warp science theorists who take on the task of folding space without consuming commercial energy to open up a real estate boom in the neighboring universe. Working only with deep breathing and a memorized set of Bartlet's quotations they rearrange the background hum into ring tones to fund the endeavor. Contributions are welcome. While waiting for that windfall he works as a story artist for studios like Warner Bros.., Dreamworks, and is currently at Pixar making a nuisance of himself. He lives with his wife and kids in the east bay and is not allowed too much peanut butter. He writes and draws his own comic book, Paper Biscuit.

Tadahiro Uesugi:
was born in 1966 in Miyazaki on Kyuushuu Island, Japan. He studied fashion illustration at the Tokyo Art School's "Setsu Mode Seminar". At 28, he worked as an assistant for Manga artist Jiro Taniguchi and made his debut as an illustrator on the magazine "Magazine House". He has since created elegant illustrations with a jazzy and classical sensibility for prestigious clients in Europe, Japan and the US. His work can be seen on magazine covers, Books and a variety of other commercial products and advertising campaigns.

Enrico Casarosa:
has been in the animation industry for nine years drawing storyboards that fit into large animated feature films. Currently a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios, he continues his quest to create more hours in the day by drawing alternate realities. Sooner or later his experiments will break through and we’ll all have to buy new watches. In the meantime he makes do with the 24 allotted hours drawing silly autobiographical comics, designing art books and keeping up with his blog. Whenever possible he escapes on a trip with a trusty sketchbook and a set of watercolors. Enrico is also the founder of “SketchCrawl”, a world wide sketching marathon event

3 Trees Artists:

Tadahiro Uesugi
Ronnie Del Carmen
Enrico Casarosa

3 Flower Artists:

Yoko Tanji
Icco Sasai
Wakako Katayama

Monster House Book Signing with:

Chris Appelhans (concept artist)
Khang Le (concept artist)
Simeon Wilkens (storyboard artist)

Date & Time: Monday, October 30, 2006 (6pm-10pm)

ATTENTION!! Come meet Chris Appelhans, Khang Le, and Simeon Wilkens, artists of the recently released animated film, Monster House. They will be here on Halloween Eve signing "The Art of Monster House" books, greeting fans and giving out free treats.

Gallery Nucleus
30 west Main St.
Alhambra Ca 91801

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gallery: Oct 7- Bliss Express Art Show/ Book Signing

The Bliss Express Show

October 7 - October 25

Opening reception: Saturday October 7, 2006 (7pm-11pm)

Gallery Nucleus and Guu Press are proud to present The Bliss Express Show, marking the first release of the art book Bliss Express: Illustrating Happiness (December 2006).

In Bliss Express, 21 of today’s most striking pop artists explore the idea of happiness. From Japan and Korea to China, France and North America, they evoke fashion, rock ’n’ roll, nature, graffiti, movies, money, sex and Sunday morning cartoons in tackling a universal question. The author, Althea Chia, says, “Our hope is to have produced a book that just about anyone, art connoisseur or not, would want to pick up from the table and look through, and then, leave, taking something—at least one thing—from it.”

Bringing together short stories, artist quotations, biographies and over 280 images in full color, Bliss Express paints the normalities and absurdities of modern life. It is a reel of snapshots of the artists’ visions and obsessions—their unhinged, funny, heartbreaking journey to that elusive inner state of grace.

The exhibition, characterized by marked pleasure and wrenching aesthetics, will showcase the Bliss Express artists’ evocative works for all to view in the flesh. Artists Seonna Hong, Aya Kondo, Ogi , Fuco Ueda, Hiroki Mafuyu, Yuko Shimizu, Marcos Chin and author Althea Chia are among those who will be in attendance at the opening. Come and enjoy this showing. The sweet redolent order of chocolate-covered hors d’oeuvres, along with beverages, will be served complimentary throughout the night.


Aya Kondo
David Choe
Emma Sky
Fuco Ueda
Hiroki Mafuyu
Joysuke Wong
Marcos Chin
Sasai Icco
Seonna Hong
Stephane Tartelin
Yuko Shimizu
Yumiko Kayukawa

Artistic Development Series Part 2: The Creative Process

Date & Time: September 17, 2006 (Sunday), 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Instructor:Marshall Vandruff
Materials to bring: A mechanical pencil (or any pencil) and a sketchpad or sketchbook (or any paper), and an eraser.
To Register: click here

"In over twenty years of teaching, I've seen students run into many obstacles as they pursue artistic careers. But no matter what the odds, some artists succeed by finding their talent, strengthening it, preparing for their career, and producing good work. The greatest battle often happens within an artist's own personality and lifestyle, which affect our art and our careers — for better and worse.

In this workshop Marshall explains how the creative process requires you to be two kinds of people: Spontaneous and Deliberate. Each has a strength. Each has a risk. Each must find a way to balance the process. If you don't, your spontaneity will lead you to inspired slobbery, or your deliberacy will lead you to disciplined predictability. Marshall will give some simple recommendations to help you maximize your productivity and surprise yourself with your best work.

Gallery Nucleus
30 west Main St.
Alhambra Ca 91801

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cover to Cover

Saturday August 19, 2006 to September 5, 2006

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 19th, 2006 ( 7 pm - 11 pm )

Admission is free

Complimentary Refreshments
Bring in your flyer to recieve a free gift at the door
Music by Dj Ricky Ramos

Alhambra, CA – Gallery Nucleus presents an exhibition of well known contemporary illustrators, ”Tradigitals”, graphic designers, and contemporary Artists who will be joining together to display works of art. Join Gallery Nucleus and the artists who will showcase works, such as CD covers, posters, book covers, new and original work that has nothing to do with covers. This show has no specific theme in mind, only to show everyone who comes great works of art and what this comfortable Alhambra Gallery can reveal. Artists include:

Chris Turnham - “I dabbled into many aspects of 3D and 2D design, eventually gravitating towards the creation of three-dimensional environments and digital illustration. I'm currently working as a prop artist at ArenaNet in Bellevue, Washington.”

Edwin Ushrio - Moved from Maui to California where he attended the Art Center College of Design and graduated Honors with a BFA in Illustration. Since then, he has worked in the amazing world of entertainment as a Cinematographer, Production Designer, Visual Consultant, Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Concept Designer and Fashion Designer.

Peter Vattanatham & Fiel Valdez - create things that make them smile. Their love and work are one and the same, taking the form of art, design, sculpture, products and books. Currently based in Los Angeles, they live fearlessly and have the scars to prove it.”

Josh Cochran - A self proclaimed 'citizen of the world', Josh spent his youth in Taiwan, indoors drawing and reading mystery novels. He went to school for Illustration at the Art Center College of Design. Currently, Josh lives in Los Angeles and works out of a studio space in nearby Koreatown.

Kevin Dart
- Illustrator in the Seattle area, originally from South Texas. Influenced by the masters of pulp such as Robert McGinnis and Frank Frazetta.

Mari Inukai
- Born in Nagoya, Japan, Inukai moved to the US in 1995. She has worked at Cartoon Network and Mattel. Her Professional works include Nickelodeon and NGTV. Her short animated film, Blue and Orange, has been an official selection at numerous national and international film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival 2003 and was the Japanese Grand Prix winner at Short Shorts Film Festival EXPO 2005.

Megan Brain - Megan Brain grew up in Glendale, CA. In 2000 she graduated from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco with a BFA in 2D animation and illustration. She started creating paper sculptures during her studies of Design and Color at the Chouinard School of art in South Pasadena. During that time she taught inspired, and apprentice under veteran paper sculptor Leo Manohan. She worked primarily with paper, "Cartoon Color" cel vinyl acrylic paint and strong glue.

P. Williams - “My paintings are fun, and they are supposed to be fun, but they are also intended to be challenging. In many ways, my work functions like a comic, drawing heavily on the lexicon of comic mechanisms, but also invents, distorts, and leaves few puzzles for the viewer to discover. The paintings can be viewed as single panels, or as a collection of snapshots of some novel, standing perfectly alone yet some how complete.”

Sun An - Sun An (Hello/Bye) focuses on art & direction, music & video and other combinations of these words. Hello/Bye is a name used by Sun An for his studio name partially because his name cannot be Googled. He was born in 1980 and lives, works in Los Angeles. Clients: Nike (japan), Nike (china), Toyota (USA), Toyota (South America), virgin airlines, MTV, vh1, kewpie (japan), nylon (japan), jvc/victor (japan), w+k Tokyo, w+k Tokyo lab, Colette, bounce (canada), brutus magazine (japan), scion, lions den, arkitip #30, slash magazine, languis, wag, res, one dot zero, last caress distro.

Ronald Kurniawan - graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Inspired by ideograms, syllables, letterforms, beasts and heroic landscapes, he slowly but surely continues to create a visual language where the wilderness and civilization could merge happily together.

Thomas Han -currently Lives in Los Angeles. Han has made quite a name for himself in no time Known for his off the wall character driven, acrylic/silk screen paintings. Which he says is nothing like any other artist's process. All original. He calls it "Tradigital ". At an age of Pain, Destruction, and a Loss of Innocence, Thomas creates to comfort from the growing vice's facing today's society.

Wilson Swain - was born to the flat prairies of Illinois in the mid 70's. Wilson developed interests in the short story at a small Midwestern liberal arts college in Indiana where he discovered a passion for such writers as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Guy de Maupassant and Roald Dahl. He continued his art education in California, polishing his skill alongside working illustrators and artistic directors. Mr. Swain currently lives in Glendale, CA.

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