Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 15, 2006 Tokyopop Book Signing / Art Show with: Amy Kim Ganter, Felipe Smith, Becky Cloonan

Gallery Nucleus Presents:

Tokyopop Book Signing / Art Show with: Amy Kim Ganter, Felipe Smith, Becky Cloonan, and more

April 15, 2006 (7pm-11pm)

For one day only 3 Tokyopop artists will be displaying originals, signing their new releases and selling work. Nucleus presents, with support from TokyoPop, Amy Kim Ganter, Becky Cloonan, and Felipe Smith. Presented will be a Discussion panel, art show, and book signing for their new and previously released graphic novels; MBQ, Sorcerers and Secretaries, East Coast Rising and others.

Felipe Smith
Tokypop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition winner will be signing his award winning and Publisher’s Weekly Star review novel MBQ.” My main objective is to bring a sense of reality to the reader through the characters’ speech and actions. Some of my Characters may be offensive individuals, but then again I’ve met a few myself, and I’m sure the reader has as well. The human experience is what I want to share with the reader through MBQ; the good, the bad, and everything in between.”www.felipesmith.com/mbq/

Amy Kim Ganter
Kim Yale Award nominee and a YALSA Great Graphic Novel For Teens nominee Amy Ganter introduces Sorcerers and Secretaries; is a romantic comedy for all ages. NicoleHayes works as a receptionist who carries her notebook of daydreams everywhere she goes. Josh Kim works at a chain bookstore and flirts with all of the ladies but yet, deep down inside there is a yearning for love. “Both of these poor folks are walking along the wrong path, but when they meet they slowly tug each other back on track. This book is about the tugging.”www.felaxx.com/

Becky Cloonan
Eisner – Award nominated artist for Demo and Kim Yale Award nominee artist speaks about her anticipated graphic novel series, East Coast Rising. “A sweeping action-adventure set in an era where the earth has been flooded and monsters lurk under every wave. It's high adventure on the very high seas with Cannonball Joe and his crew as they look for a relic that will change fate of the world! From Manhattan's lower east side to the depths of the Atlantic ocean they brave impossible odds to find the ultimate sunken treasure.” www.estrigious.com/becky/

-There will be free refreshments
-Tokyopop giveaways and other free goodies

Nucleus Music Day: Anni Rossi, The Hairbrain Scheme and Foreign and Domestic

April 22, 2006 (7:00pm- 11:00pm)

Join the fun at:

30 W. Main St.
Alhambre, Ca 91801


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