Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gallery: Oct 7- Bliss Express Art Show/ Book Signing

The Bliss Express Show

October 7 - October 25

Opening reception: Saturday October 7, 2006 (7pm-11pm)

Gallery Nucleus and Guu Press are proud to present The Bliss Express Show, marking the first release of the art book Bliss Express: Illustrating Happiness (December 2006).

In Bliss Express, 21 of today’s most striking pop artists explore the idea of happiness. From Japan and Korea to China, France and North America, they evoke fashion, rock ’n’ roll, nature, graffiti, movies, money, sex and Sunday morning cartoons in tackling a universal question. The author, Althea Chia, says, “Our hope is to have produced a book that just about anyone, art connoisseur or not, would want to pick up from the table and look through, and then, leave, taking something—at least one thing—from it.”

Bringing together short stories, artist quotations, biographies and over 280 images in full color, Bliss Express paints the normalities and absurdities of modern life. It is a reel of snapshots of the artists’ visions and obsessions—their unhinged, funny, heartbreaking journey to that elusive inner state of grace.

The exhibition, characterized by marked pleasure and wrenching aesthetics, will showcase the Bliss Express artists’ evocative works for all to view in the flesh. Artists Seonna Hong, Aya Kondo, Ogi , Fuco Ueda, Hiroki Mafuyu, Yuko Shimizu, Marcos Chin and author Althea Chia are among those who will be in attendance at the opening. Come and enjoy this showing. The sweet redolent order of chocolate-covered hors d’oeuvres, along with beverages, will be served complimentary throughout the night.


Aya Kondo
David Choe
Emma Sky
Fuco Ueda
Hiroki Mafuyu
Joysuke Wong
Marcos Chin
Sasai Icco
Seonna Hong
Stephane Tartelin
Yuko Shimizu
Yumiko Kayukawa

Artistic Development Series Part 2: The Creative Process

Date & Time: September 17, 2006 (Sunday), 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Instructor:Marshall Vandruff
Materials to bring: A mechanical pencil (or any pencil) and a sketchpad or sketchbook (or any paper), and an eraser.
To Register: click here

"In over twenty years of teaching, I've seen students run into many obstacles as they pursue artistic careers. But no matter what the odds, some artists succeed by finding their talent, strengthening it, preparing for their career, and producing good work. The greatest battle often happens within an artist's own personality and lifestyle, which affect our art and our careers — for better and worse.

In this workshop Marshall explains how the creative process requires you to be two kinds of people: Spontaneous and Deliberate. Each has a strength. Each has a risk. Each must find a way to balance the process. If you don't, your spontaneity will lead you to inspired slobbery, or your deliberacy will lead you to disciplined predictability. Marshall will give some simple recommendations to help you maximize your productivity and surprise yourself with your best work.

Gallery Nucleus
30 west Main St.
Alhambra Ca 91801


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