Saturday, November 25, 2006

Imaginary Spaces: An artshow for landscape lovers!

Imaginary Spaces

December 16, 2006 - January 8, 2006
Opening reception: December16, 2006 (7pm -11pm)

This event caters to the people who have taken an interest to background artists, concept artists, graphic designers, architects, painters and world makers. The focus is environments and space. We hope to bring new appreciation and exposure to the concept art/background/space development fields. This is an art form that has been often seen as commercial work, only a means to an end, or the back drop for main characters. People often only see the final products: movies, cartoons, video games, theme parks, and entire neighborhoods.

This show encompasses and calls out to those who have a passion for creativeness and imagination, who want to feel pulled in to a piece of work once viewed. The overall aesthetics and size of the work being exhibited will be 2 – 4ft in size depending on the gallery’s hanging limitations. We want the viewers to get sucked into each piece, and live in that space and interact for a moment however brief. The challenge to the Artist is to create work with little to no emphasis on individual characters, leaving the space as the focus. The style of work ranges widely from cartoon like, to architectural. Just remember, its from the head and is inspired from life. Now its time for you to get sucked in, join Nucleus on December 16, 2006 at 7:00 P.M for the Imaginary Spaces Show.

Featured Artists include:

Ari Bilow
Aaron Limonick
Bob Elson
Brian Yam
Cam de Leon
Chris Appelhans
Chris Turnham
Christian Alzmann
Christian Scheurer
Colinhive Lee
Craig Mullins
Darren Quach
Edwin Ushiro
Eric Canete
Israel Sanchez
Jon Han
John Wu
Khang Le
Kris. D
Mike Lee
Robert Kondo
Ronald Kurniawan
Scott Saw

Gallery Nucleus
30 west Main St.
Alhambra Ca 91801


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