Friday, February 23, 2007

After These Messages...a tribute to Saturday Mornings of the past

After These Messages...
(a tribute to Saturday Mornings of the past)

February 10, 2007 - March 6, 2007
Opening: Saturday, February 10 , 2007
7pm - 11pm

Free Admission
Refreshments and breakfast cereals will be served
Several artists will be in attendance

After These Messages is still available for view at the gallery during normal store hours.

Gallery Nucleus has joined forces with some of current animators and set out to reconnect with the cartoon culture from the yesteryears creating an exhibition based on Saturday mornings of the past. Exhibiting in the gallery will be over 20 artists from today’s commercial and animation industries. Being a generation largely influenced by television these artists attempt to revisit, reinvent, and pay homage to their favorite animated icons as adults with child like fervor and contemporary and personal aesthetic. By exploring the inspirations of their past they reflect upon their artistic identities of today creating interesting parody like results that are humorous, sentimental and sincere. Ranging in style the show is a colorful pop culture treat with a live DJ and breakfast cereals served. Works on display will be paintings, prints, sculptures, and installation.


Aaron Jasinski
Abby Goldsmith
Alayna Magnan
Alex Kirwan
Amy Kim Ganter
Anna Chambers
Ben Jones
Bob Doucette
Brent Whittington
Brian Behnke
Brianne Drouhard
Chantel Gentry
Chu-Hui Song
CJ Metzger
Cristina Paulos
Dan Santat
Daniel Chong
Elizabeth Ito
Greg Storey
Hugo Morales
Irenio Maramba
Israel Sanchez
Jamie Tracht
Jay Baker
Jeaux Janovsky
Joe Capezzuto
John T. Quinn
Josie Trinidad
Julie Nishioka
Kendra Boggs
Liz Mckay
Mary J. Hoffman
Megan Brain
Mari Inukai
Martin Hsu
Miss Mindy

Nicolette Davenport
Ramis Kim
Robert Douchette
Sergio Rios
Tara Whitaker
Thorsten Haenkamm
Valerie Fletcher
Vincent Odien
Will Mata

co-curated by Mary J. Hoffman

to visit click here
Gallery Nucleus
30 West Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801 USA
626.458.7486 fax


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